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    Website Work October 2020 at Total Web Creations | Websites | Design | Print
    It’s been another busy week at TWC Towers (oo I like that – think I might re-name my office! ??)
    I’ve been continuing with the SEO work on Ashwood Timber Products Ltd, focusing this week on the shop products and their categories.
    Wills and Trusts Cheshire website has had a re-design from the initial quick home page I did. We’re also working together on the service pages contents in the background, which will be live very soon.
    The new In2sewingmachines ecommerce website is coming along nicely, with a lovely gold and deep blue colour scheme. Another one which will be going live very soon.
    Whitegate Leisure Caravan & Camp Site are working with me on some final touches before launching their new website this month. This build includes an online booking system for their campsite, which they haven’t got on their old site.
    I am also pleased to announce that I have started working with a new business, Gutter Cleaning Elite Ltd! ? I started from scratch this week designing their business branding, including logo. Got their website domain, hosting and ‘coming soon’ landing page setup – ready to get on with that next week. They also wanted some flyers designing and printing by the end of the week – no mean feat! But not one to disappoint, I got them done and they were delivered to the customer this morning! ??
    I really enjoy what I do, and it’s not all down to just having exciting projects to work on. I get to meet, talk to and collaborate with a lot of lovely people! The fact that I have the pleasure of calling them my customers makes me feel very proud. ☺️