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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #10

    You might think I wrote all my ‘Tuesday Tips’ weeks ago, and then just scheduled them to post on Facebook and my website blog at 10am every Tuesday. Actually, I didn’t! I sit at my computer (mainly on a Friday afternoon when I’ve caught up with most of my work for the week!) and think of an idea for my next tip. Sometimes it’s quite difficult and I find myself not being able to gather the inspiration to write anything of use!

    So, what exactly is my tip for today?! Well a piece of advice I can pass on which is more common sense than anything, is to take a break. Whatever project or task you are trying to complete, take a ‘time out’ from it.

    At times I am guilty of not doing this and keep on working away till late trying to complete a project. If I take even just a short ‘time out’ away from my desk and the office, I come back refreshed ready to finish a project. If you keep working away on something, it can become tedious, making you fed up and causing you to make simple mistakes.

    Even if, during your break, the project or task you are trying to complete is on your mind, it may help you to focus and give you the inspiration to move things forward.

    #takeabreak #timeout #mentalhealthawareness