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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #11

    Of course most people keep a track of where their business leads come from. Whether that be from advertising, word of mouth, or people finding them on the internet.

    Using advertising as an example, you’d want to know which format is the most effective and maybe which areas need to be focused or cut down on. The same is true with SEO.

    For instance, Bob is getting a lot of leads from people finding his website using the search term ‘Gardener in Bobbington’. He is happy with this, but he wants to increase business by targeting new areas. In this case, he should update his SEO to include any new or revised terms, for example, ‘Gardener in Bobsville’ or ‘Tree Surgery in Bobbington’.

    SEO should be a constantly evolving part of your sales strategy. This is one of the key benefits in having a website. SEO can be updated and added to as and when required, keeping on top of the competition and driving your business forward.

    If you are struggling, Total Web Creations can help you with your keyword strategy – ask me today!

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