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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #14

    This week’s tip is a more in-depth focus on keywords (see previous Tuesday Tips). A keyword is the word or phrase that describes your business/company/product/goal best.

    There is no doubt that using your focus keyword or keyphrase on your website pages will help to increase your SEO. Potential customers will hopefully be able to find your website by using your keyword/keyphrase as a search term.

    However, while it is important to use your keyword or phrase regularly throughout your content, you have to be careful not to overuse or over ‘stuff’ your page with it. This will make your text hard to read, which will put visitors off and make them leave your website.

    So how do you make sure that you don’t overuse your keyword/keyphrase? Using synonyms and related keywords will help. Search engines can now detect and recognise the relevance of these.

    Synonyms are words or phrases with the same or similar meaning. Try and find a few different synonyms for your keyword/keyphrase. A related keyword is a word or phrase that is closely related to your web page topic. For example, if your keyphrase is ‘fun loving dog’, try using a related keyword such as ‘playful pooch’.

    Using synonyms and related keywords will help your text read better. Your visitors will enjoy your content more and stay on your website, therefore improving your search engine rankings.

    Total Web Creations can help you to use your keyword/keyphrase and it’s synonyms effectively – ask me how today!