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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #15
    Tuesday Tips #15
    Are you happy with your current website provider?
    Sounds like a sales email this tip! But on a serious note, do you know exactly what you’re getting for your money? Have you been promised things and not seen them? Do you have regular contact with your provider, or was your website built, you paid the money, and now find you’re forking out an extortionate monthly or yearly fee and not really sure why?
    Maybe it’s time to check what you are getting for your money which you have worked hard for.
    A checklist of things to look out for (this isn’t an exhaustive list):
    SSL Certificate – is your website secure?
    Organic SEO – do you get a regular report on the search engine status of your website?
    Is your site mobile friendly?
    Is your website kept up-to-date?
    Do you have updates to do but are being asked to pay additional fees for this?
    Can you edit it yourself – did you get the option to do this?
    Are regular backups taken of your website?
    Are you getting proper customer support and communication from your provider?
    So to summarise, this weeks tip – make sure you are getting value for money and most importantly, the service and support you’re paying for and deserve.
    Total Web Creations provides affordable, value for money solutions tailored to suit your requirements – including friendly customer service! Contact me today.