Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #2

TWC Tuesday Tips #2

Following on from last week, I’m going to start looking into some of the key factors that need to be considered to ensure your website has a good chance of ranking well on search engines. Not only that, but to give your website users a good experience.

So let’s start by looking at keywords. As I mentioned last week, the best time to optimise your website, for search engines and users, is when you are creating it.

A keyword is the word or phrase that describes your business/company/product/goal best.

Carrying out a proper keyword search is important to do from the very beginning, even before you think about the design and layout of your website.

Define your mission – what makes you/your business/product unique?
What would your prospective customers search for to find you?

From here, a more in-depth strategy can be put in place to decide what your keywords or phrases should be.

TWC can help you to create a proper keyword and ranking strategy, looking at your potential customer search intent, analysing your competition and how to use this information effectively to help construct your main website pages.