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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #3

    TWC Tuesday Tips #3

    So this week, let’s continue looking at key factors that can help the ranking success of your website on search engines.
    Whether it’s on a phone, tablet or computer – whatever the device, reading text on a screen can sometimes be quite difficult. If you want your website visitors to stay on your site and find out about your business/company/product, it needs to be easily readable.
    It may seem obvious, but the textual content on your website should have a clear message and be well written. If the content is properly structured, it makes it easier to read. This is not only important for your site visitors, but it also makes it easier for search engines to find the important information on your website.
    Search engines want to provide it’s users with the best answers to their questions. If your website is receiving lower bounce rates than others (ie visitors are interested in your website as they are staying on it for longer), search engines will recognise this, deeming that your content is providing the best ‘answers’. In turn, this should improve the chance of your website ranking well.
    Try and write from the perspective of your website visitors – what makes your product or site unique, exciting or helpful? Make it interesting by adapting the language you use to your audience!
    Ultimately, because you know your business/company/product better than anyone, the content needs to come from you! But TWC can help with structure and layout, ensuring that your website is optimised to be readable and findable.