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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #4

    TWC Tuesday Tips #4

    Tuesday is upon us again already! It’s time to carry on looking at those factors which are key to search engine rankings – and not forgetting to give your website users a good experience.

    With today’s current technological advancements, particularly the speed of the internet and online browsing, we expect content to be served to us quickly. The faster the better!

    Imagine if you are looking for something online – a product, information, a service and so on. When visiting one website in your search, the page loads almost immediately – you can start browsing straight away. On the other hand, another website you visit makes you wait for it to load. Which one are you more likely to stay on?

    Nobody likes waiting. The difference between losing a visitor or converting them into a new customer could all be down to a matter of milliseconds. Visitors won’t want to wait for your website to load, no matter how great it is.

    The website which loads quickly and serves content to it’s users almost straight away, will probably receive lower bounce rates than others. Visitors are able to browse immediately through the content. Consequently, they are staying on the website for longer. Those sites which take too long to show anything will mean visitors lose interest and leave.

    Search engines are clever and will recognise websites which are serving content quickly. This should improve the chance of your website ranking well. This is why it’s always worth investing time and effort into improving your website’s speed.

    Total Web Creations can help to speed things up! You might be surprised at what can be done – get in touch for further information.