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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #5

    This week, let’s continue looking at key factors that need to be considered to ensure your website has a good chance of ranking well on search engines.

    One important factor which sometimes gets overlooked, especially as a website grows, is site structure – the organisation of your website’s content and pages. Quite simply, if your website is easy for users to navigate and find the information they are looking for, chances are it’s also easy for search engines too.

    By creating a good page structure and laying your content out in an understandable way, means that your website users can find the information they need. In turn, hopefully they will become regular visitors to your site leading to that all important conversion. Navigation menus should be simple and easy to understand – it’s fine to use more than one if you have a lot of pages to help keep things clear. Try not to use a lot of different menus in different places though as this could lead to confusion, not only for the user but also search engines.

    A good site structure can be a big help for your website ranking. It makes it a lot easier for search engines to establish what your site is about, and which pages and information are the most important. This in turn leads to content being found quickly and indexed (added to search results).

    Try not to dump everything on your home page – this can lead to confusion. Less is definitely more! Use a simple structure to guide your website visitors through your pages/content.

    Total Web Creations can help you to organise the content and structure for your new or old website – ask me today!


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