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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #6

    This week, we’re taking a break from SEO (there’s still a lot to look at so we’ll return to it at a later date).

    HTML, CSS and PHP might be the first languages you’ve heard of when it comes to building websites. Indeed, hand-coding individual lines of a website using these languages is how a lot of people used to learn web design, as I did.

    These days, there are lots of ‘off the shelf’ programs or websites which enable people to build their own site without much (or any!) previous experience or training. These are fine if all you require is a straight forward page to get you started and visible on the internet.

    One of the disadvantages of using ‘off the shelf’ platforms, is that sometimes you end up with additional code which is unnecessary and isn’t even used by your site. This could slow your website down (see Tuesday Tip #4). We won’t mention the fact that if anything goes wrong, there’s rarely a human to talk to within a customer services department!

    A bespoke website from Total Web Creations can enable you to update your website content yourself, whilst also incorporating features not available with ‘off the shelf’ platforms. Using my various hand-coding techniques and up-to-date strategies I can create an individual site tailored to your exact requirements. Some of the additional benefits in hand-coding could include improved SEO, improved site speed and personalisation such as greater flexibility with fonts, colours and layouts.

    Talk to me today about creating your bespoke individually tailored website.

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