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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #7

    Total Web Creations can help with all aspects of websites, design, print and so on – but the only thing I can’t do is write about your business or company! I am more than happy to help with format, layout, grammar, adding additional content and so on, but the only person who knows your business intimately, about the great things you do and your amazing products – and can get that across to the customer – is you.

    Last week I had an enquiry from a business who wanted their website re-designing and updating. I put a detailed quote together, looking over their current website and making suggestions about how I could help re-structure the site and give it a fresh new look. What I noticed was how they wrote about their business – you can tell they are passionate about what they do, and that comes across in their content. I found it engaging, personable and I really enjoyed learning about their business.

    I’m starting work with them this week – I’m really looking forward to getting started on their project.

    There are a lot of businesses out there (state the obvious!) – yes they may provide detailed information about their products, but a lot of them don’t engage with their customers. Tell your potential customers about yourself/your business/your goals – why you are doing this/why did you start doing this? Why is your business so amazing? Get passionate about what you do best and you’ll pass this feeling on to your potential customers!

    Customers would rather do business with someone who is engaging and enjoying what they do, compared to someone who just portrays the feeling of ‘these are my products, take them or leave them.’

    So, get passionate about what you do best!