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    Total Web Creations Tuesday Tips #9

    Making the right impression

    What is your business email address? If it ends in ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ or any of the multitude of free email clients, then you could be giving the wrong first impression and be putting any new customers off.

    An email address which matches your domain name, for example, ‘’ or ‘’ looks more professional and authentic and can help you to win trust. They can be easily set up on your computer or mobile device so you can view and respond to emails as you would with your free email account.

    Using your domain name to create email addresses is also scaleable. If you find your business is growing and need some new addresses, it would be very easy to add a prefix such as ‘sales’ or ‘help’ to your domain name. To do the same with a free email client would lead to confusion and leave your business looking unprofessional.

    Let Total Web Creations help you set up a professional email address to match your domain today!

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